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We offer an extensive collection of third-party verified Industrial Hemp Products.

All products are guaranteed to be at .3% THC or below in compliance with 2018 Farm Bill.

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Why We’re The Most Awesome Hemp Business

One Love Hemp Dispensary was the first CBD Dispensary in Louisville, Ky, and still has the largest selection of third party verified CBD in the state. We are proud to be a certified autism-friendly business. We bring 50+ years of cannabis experience to our wide range of offerings, including education, consultations, community events, knowledgeable service, and FUN.


One Love has the largest selection of full spectrum, broad spectrum, and THC free CBD oils in Louisville. Every Thursday is Kentucky Proud Day, when you can save 20% off every Kentucky Proud CBD oil brand.


Our furry friends have an endocannabinoid system, too! We have oils and pet treats that will help your pet stay healthy and relieve symptoms such as anxiety, pain and discomfort, seizures, and skin allergies.


On the go or just for fun, CBD gummies, suckers, chocolate, local infused honey, and other goodies make using CBD fun! This can be a great choice for finicky patients!


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