Our Team

Nancy Roberts


One Love co-founder and CEO, Nancy Roberts, is no stranger to emerging industries. She left her career as a paralegal to found New Earth Organics and Hydroponics in 1988, the first hydroponic business in the Southeast and Kentucky's first organic garden center. In 2015 Nancy joined the Kentucky Hemp Industries Association as their first business member. She served on their board in 2015, as well as the board of the Kentucky Hemp Research Foundation. Nancy sold New Earth in 2018 and established One Love, Kentucky's first hemp dispensary, with co-founder Jana Groda.

Nancy has been a cannabis and CBD educator since 2016, teaching classes in Louisville, Lexington, and Campbellsville in Kentucky; as well as Nashville and Franklin, Tennessee. She has been a panelist/speaker at the Southern Hemp Expo two consecutive years and spoke at the National Hemp Expo in 2018.

As an autism mom and spouse of a chronic lyme patient, Nancy has extensive experience in alternative health and wellness. She has worked tirelessly over the years to improve her loved ones' quality of life and find answers to their chronic health concerns. She is a second level certified reiki provider and is currently working towards a medical cannabis certification.

Nancy's favorite CBD oil is Earthy Brown's 2400mg. She uses about 60mg to 80mg daily to address the symptoms of arthritis, post-menopausal symptoms, and the stress of day to day life. She also loves the Lucent Botanical Mints for a pick-me-up and additional support as needed.

Nancy's favorite daytime terpene is Jack Herer, which she adds to her CBD oil for an additional boost of energy and well-being. She prefers the Indica Blend for sleep support and relaxation.

Lauren Morgan

Dispensary Manager

Lauren Morgan, Dispensary Retail Manager, brings over 20 years of corporate retail and marketing experience as well as 2+ years of cannabis industry experience to the One Love team. She has designed and implemented exhibition booths at Cannabis Industry Expos all the over the country including MJBizCon - Vegas, MJBizCon - DC, Indo Expo - Denver, Dispensary Next Expo - Denver, and National Hemp Expo - Louisville. Lauren holds an Associates Degree in Business Administration and Management from Bowling Green Technical College and has continued her education in cannabis and hemp for the past 3 years through numerous online training programs.

Being a mother of a child with ADHD, cannabis reform is extremely important to Lauren's children's well-being and she advocates to protect Kentucky families and children in need of cannabis and/or hemp products. In that spirit, Lauren has served as the Deputy Director of KY NORML (Kentucky State Chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) since its founding in September of 2017. She has enjoyed past memberships in National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA), Professional Marketing Association of BG (PMA), Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce, Bowling Green Young Professionals (BGYP) as well as served as a Board Member for the Networking Women of Bowling Green for several years.

Lauren uses Full Spectrum CBD oil daily to address several health issues including psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, endometriosis, and various other autoimmune disorders as well as all the pain, depression, and anxiety that generally accompanies those conditions. After a year and a half of using CBD, she is now psoriasis free for the the first time in 15 years. While daily oil is a foundation for Lauren's health regimen, she loves to bring her CBD up a notch by adding terpenes strain profiles, like her favorite, OG Kush, and supplementing her oil with terpene-infused, benefit specific CBD mints.

Mat Guida

Dispensary Associate

Juliet Lester

Dispensary Associate

Juliet Lester is a Retail Associate for One Love Hemp Dispensary. She is a graduate of the University of Louisville, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Sociology, and minors in Psychology and Political Science. Juliet received a paralegal certificate from the University of Texas at El Paso in conjunction with the Center for Legal Studies.

She has thirty years of experience in the legal field, with an emphasis in medical malpractice and insurance claims, and developed an extensive layperson’s knowledge of disease progression and treatments.

Juliet has Crohn’s Disease, fibromyalgia, severe anxiety, PTSD, osteoarthritis, and a host of other comorbid conditions. She uses CBD to relieve the pain, anxiety and inflammation. Juliet especially enjoys True Terpenes’ Tangie, for daytime, and Gelato, for evenings. She prefers to vaporize concentrates, for immediate relief, and her favorite products are the Tao vaporizer cartridges.

Juliet also has three children who are on the Autism spectrum. Her adult child uses Earthy Brown’s CBD oil for anxiety. Her two younger children use Nasadol nasal spray for sinus congestion, and Wyld gummies for anxiety. All three love the WholeMade bath bombs for relaxation and sleep.

Jana Groda


Jana joined the hemp movement in Kentucky in 2014. CBD became the game changer when recovering from injuries she sustained in a fourty -five foot fall in a climbing accident.

She developed a deep and meaningful relationship with Hemp through personal experience, courses, study, participating in a Kentucky based grow and obtaining a seat on the board of the Kentucky Hemp Industry Association.

Inspired to seek deeper knowledge of cannabis and non-toxic plant based chronic pain relief, Jana began to travel to better educate herself and bring knowledge and tools to anyone who could benefit.

Jana holds a Second Level Interpener Certification from the Trichome Institute in Denver, Colorado. In August of 2018, Jana teamed up with Nancy to make their dream come true of opening a dispensary in Kentucky. At One Love, Jana can be found talking ``terps`` to all and spreading the love of hemp!

Matthew Bratcher

Wholesale Manager

Matthew Bratcher is the Wholesale Manager for One Love Distributing. He is a graduate of Western Kentucky University where he received bachelor degrees in Political Science and International Relations. He also holds a paralegal certificate from the University of Delaware and as also completed a certification in Medical Cannabis and CBD.

Matthew is the Executive Director for the Kentucky chapter for the National Organization for the Reform for Marijuana Laws (KY NORML) and had organized and spoken throughout the state on the need for cannabis reform.

Matthew suffers from degenerative disks at the top and bottom of his spine and uses CBD to relieve the pain and inflammation that comes with it. His favorite terpene is ACDC for it's high levels of mrycene, and prefers to vaporize a concentrate for consumption method. Matthew's favorite product is WholeMade's Men's Beard Bar.

Chris Toon

Dispensary Associate

Chris Toon is a Dispensary Associate for One Love Hemp Dispensary. Chris is currently attending the University of Louisville and plans to Graduate May 2019 with a Bachelor's of Science in Sociology with a minor in Anthropology.

Chris has interned with the Kentucky chapter for the National Organization for the Reform for Marijuana Laws (KY NORML) and has helped their reach through social media and community involvement. Chris continues to support the Kentucky Hemp industry, through informing the public of the many benefits of CBD for well-being as well as treating or mitigating a plethora of illnesses that plague many in silence. He too understands the benefits of medicinal mushrooms such as Cordyceps and Lions Mane to improve cognition and other bodily functions.

Chris takes a dropper of Earthy Browns 2400mg everyday to help reduce his ADHD symptoms, in conjunction with other CBD products designed to help with anxiety and focus. Chris' favourite product is the CBRx Unwind Tablets. As many with ADHD know, going to sleep can be quite the struggle. With two of these tablets, Chris is able to not only fall asleep, but wake up feeling revitalized! His favourite Terp strain is Blue Dream, due to its sweet pungent taste as well as euphoric, stimulating affects.

Matthew Hart

Dispensary Associate

Matthew Hart is a Dispensary Associate for One Love Hemp Dispensary. He is a graduate of the University of Louisville and in December of 2019 received his Bachelors of Science in Biology with a focus in Ecology. Matthew has also completed an internship in western Colorado where he helped with an organic hemp grow operation.

After joining the team at One Love in August, Matthew now wants to continue to be apart of the Hemp industry in Kentucky and ensure that everyone is receiving quality medicine so that they may find relief and be raised to a higher vibration.

Matthew has suffered from anxiety in the past and uses CBD to relieve these symptoms and also for overall health support. Matthew also believes in the power of medicinal mushrooms such as turkey tail and lions mane for healing, so next time you stop by the store don’t hesitate to inquire about this topic.

His favorite Terp strain is Jack Herer because of its distinct fruity and herbal aroma. For consuming CBD Matthew prefers oil under the tongue as a basis and fills in the gaps with other products such as edibles and vapes. Matthew’ favorite product is Earthy Browns CBD balm because of it being a local product made by a great person, it’s powerful skin healing abilities, and it contains frankincense which makes it a one of kind product!