Our Team

Nancy Roberts

Nancy Roberts is no stranger to working in an emerging industry. She left her career as a paralegal to start New Earth Organics and Hydroponics in 1988, when there were only ninety-two shops of this type in the nation. In 2015, Nancy became part of the hemp movement in Kentucky, serving time on the boards of the Kentucky Hemp Industry Association and the Kentucky Hemp Research Foundation. In August of 2018, after over thirty years with New Earth, Inc, Nancy sold New Earth Organics and Hydroponics to open One Love Hemp Dispensary in Louisville, Kentucky. After many years of hard work in the organic gardening business, Nancy is delighted to re-assume her role of a pioneer in an emerging industry and spend her days playing with hemp at One Love!

Lauren Kie

Dispensary Manager

Mat Guida

Jana Groda

Jana joined the hemp movement in Kentucky in 2014. CBD became the game changer when recovering from injuries she sustained in a fourty -five foot fall in a climbing accident. She developed a deep and meaningful relationship with Hemp through personal experience, courses, study, participating in a Kentucky based grow and obtaining a seat on the board of the Kentucky Hemp Industry Association. Inspired to seek deeper knowledge of cannabis and non-toxic plant based chronic pain relief, Jana began to travel to better educate herself and bring knowledge and tools to anyone who could benefit. Jana holds a Second Level Interpener Certification from the Trichome Institute in Denver, Colorado. In August of 2018, Jana teamed up with Nancy to make their dream come true of opening a dispensary in Kentucky. At One Love, Jana can be found talking ``terps`` to all and spreading the love of hemp!

Matthew Bratcher