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Our Team

Nancy Roberts


With a career spanning over four decades, Nancy Roberts has been a driving force in the world of retail entrepreneurship within emerging industries. Her journey began in the 1980s, when she opened the first organic and hydroponic garden center in the Southeast. New Earth Organics and Hydroponics became a thriving hub for innovative gardening practices under Nancy’s leadership, until it was sold in 2018, leaving a lasting legacy in the industry

As an early pioneer in the field, Nancy’s influence played a pivotal role in shaping the growth of the cannabis industry.

In 2015, Nancy’s passion for natural wellness led her to become the first business member of the Kentucky Hemp Industries Association. Eager to embrace the potential of the hemp market, she launched New Earth Hemp Solutions.

In 2018, Nancy rebranded New Earth Hemp Solutions, giving birth to One Love Hemp Dispensary and Distributing. Nancy’s dedication to quality and integrity was reflected in the exceptional products offered by One Love, and led her and her partner Jana Groda to embarked on a new venture with Gummy Girl—a unique line of vegan, terpene-infused gummies and edibles. This innovative brand captured the hearts of wellness enthusiasts with robust terpene infusions and outcome focused formulations.

Nancy and Jana launched Myco Girl in 2022—possibly the first line functional mushroom gummies to be formulated with cannabinoids and terpenes. These carefully formulated gummies were designed to be used with microdosing protocols or as standalone products, catering to those seeking balance and natural wellness benefits.

Beyond her entrepreneurial endeavors, Nancy is a valued cannabis speaker, consultant, and educator.

Nancy’s commitment to making a difference goes beyond business. She has long been an advocate for autism awareness and support, as well as a devoted spouse to a Lyme Warrior, advocating for the use of plant medicine to treat the symptoms of Lyme disease. She is a Usui Reiki Master practitioner and is currently exploring the benefits of utilizing Reiki with microdosing and cannabis to assist with life transformation.

Nancy hopes that she can bring inspiration, information, and value to the plant medicine community by sharing her knowledge and experiences from the last 40+ years in the space!

Jana Groda


One Love co-founder and CAO, Jana Groda, has been a part of the Kentucky hemp movement since 2015. CBD became a game-changer for Jana, as she recovered from injuries sustained in a forty-five foot rock climbing accident. Since that time, Jana has developed a deep and meaningful relationship with hemp through her personal experience, academic courses, extensive study, participating in a Kentucky-based grow, obtaining a seat on the board of the Kentucky Hemp Industries Association (“KYHIA”), and being elected Vice President of the KYHIA.

As a Multiple Sclerosis and Traumatic Brain Injury patient, Jana has extensive knowledge of and experience with alternative therapies, including cannabis. She has been a cannabis educator since 2016, teaching classes in Louisville, Lexington and Campbellsville, Kentucky, and also in Franklin, Tennessee. Jana was selected as a speaker at the National Hemp Expo in 2018, and the Southern Hemp Expo in 2019, and in November 2019, the Foundation for Women’s Cancer invited her to speak at their Gynecologic Cancer Education Course. Jana holds a second level interpener certification from the Trichome Institute in Denver, Colorado, and she is a national consultant for CBD retail, distributing and formulation, and as a terpene expert. Recently, Jana earned her certification as a Culinary Nutrition Expert, greatly increasing her knowledge of food as medicine.

In 2018, Jana teamed up with Nancy Roberts to realize their dream of opening a dispensary in Kentucky. At One Love Hemp Dispensary, she can be found doing what she does best — “talking terps,” educating her customers, and spreading the love of hemp.

Alec Roberts

Dispensary Associate

Meet Alec, the friendly face behind the counter at our Highlands and J’town dispensaries. With a deep well of knowledge in cannabis and terpenes, Alec is your go-to source for all things cannabis-related. He is currently completing his Trichome Institute Cannabis Consultant Certificate, adding that to his years of cannabis experience and knowledge.

Alec’s journey has taken him from the lush fields of the Emerald Triangle to the heart of Kentucky, where he found his place within the One Love team. He worked on a legal cannabis farm in Mendo County for a year, and has cloning and light dep greenhouse agriculture expertise. Alec coined the term Myco Girl, and formulated our Creative and Entourage gummies.  He is the mastermind behind our amazing Entourage PM! When it comes to personal favorites, he loves the Green Apple Entourage gummies, Gummy Girl Gruntz Vape, and the frankincense infused Earthy Brown’s Lotion Stick.

In his spare time, Alec tends to his flock of ducks and enjoys life on a 7 acre mini farm. He is an organic gardener, and enjoys kitchen creativity. He and his partner can be found at local farmer’s markets in Metro Louisville. Alec’s diverse interests and wealth of cannabis knowledge enhance our One Love community, making it a richer and more vibrant space for all.

Damian Cote

Dispensary Associate
Trichome Institute Certified Cannabis Consultant
Trichome Institute Certified Interpener

Meet Damian, a New York City transplant who made Louisville his home in 2018. Damian is a familiar face at our Highlands dispensary, and he also lends a hand at headquarters as needed. Beyond the dispensary’s walls, Damian’s passions include nature, literature, gastronomy, music, and art. With over three decades of cannabis expertise and certifications as a Cannabis Consultant and Interpener, Damian is your go-to expert for all your product needs. His personal favorites from One Love include ourl Gummy Girl Blue Raspberry AM CBD gummies, the enriching Flora Sophia CBD + CBDA, and the uplifting Gummy Girl Maui Wowie vape. Discover the world of cannabis with Damian’s guidance and knowledge.

Matt is a Trichome Institute Certified Cannabis Consultant, and spent the summer of 2019 working on a Colorado hemp farm as an intern.

Meeting Matthew is an experience you won’t want to miss. His enthusiasm and expertise make every interaction an enriching one. You can find him one or two Sundays a month sharing his knowledge and good vibes in the Highlands.

When it comes to his personal favorites, Matthew swears by Earthy Brown’s 2400mg oil. He also enjoys our Realize drink mix, which is an easy powdered drink mix, perfect for his busy lifestyle. Matthew’s multifaceted contributions and unwavering dedication enrich our One Love community, making it a richer and more knowledgeable place for all.

Sabrina Ferris

Design & Management Specialist
Trichome Institute Certified Cannabis Consultant
Certified Herbalist
Wellness Coach

Most days, you’ll find Sabrina at the heart of One Love Headquarters, where she works her magic crafting the stunning branding and labels that grace our Gummy Girl and Myco Girl products. In addition to her creative role, Sabrina serves as a pivotal assistant to our CEO, ensuring that our operations run smoothly and with precision.

Sabrina holds a degree in Wellness Coaching and is a Certified Herbalist, as well as a Thrichome Institute Certified Cannabis Consultant. Her unwavering dedication to holistic well-being permeates every aspect of her work, offering a treasure trove of knowledge to both our team members and customers.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Sabrina’s eagerly embraces a myriad of creative projects. Taking care of her cherished flock of ducks, organic gardening, and developing herbal products keep Sabrina busy in her spare time.

When it comes to her personal favorites, Sabrina can’t resist our Blue Dreaming Happy Syrup and Gummy Girl Creative Gummies. Her boundless contributions and unyielding commitment truly embody the essence of One Love, enriching our team’s diversity and enhancing the experiences of everyone that comes to One Love!

Mat Guida

Operations and Dispensary Management

If you’ve ventured into our Highlands dispensary, chances are you’ve had the pleasure of encountering Mat. An invaluable member of our One Love family since 2018, Mat’s expertise spans both the retail floor and behind-the-scenes operations. Mat’s wealth of knowledge concerning cannabinoids and terpenes makes him an indispensable resource when it comes to product recommendations and consumption advice.

With a green thumb that’s nothing short of remarkable, Mat is the genius behind those organic free veggies we sometimes offer. Additionally, he’s renowned among us for crafting the most delectable dill pickles you’ll ever taste!

Beyond his cannabis, culinary and gardening talents, Mat is an avid rock climber and animal lover.

When it comes to his personal favorites, Mat swears by the Gummy Girl Delta 9 Bliss gummies and the High Vibration Delta 8 THC/CBD Icy Relief Roll-On.  Mat embodies the One Love ethos, and his multifaceted expertise enriches our team and the experiences of our valued customers.

Morgan Ketterer

Clarksville Dispensary Co-Manager

Morgan has been an invaluable member of our team for over a year, and is co-manager at our Clarksville location. Her dedication and commitment consistently fosters a professional and compassionate atmosphere for our valued customers!

Morgan’s profound passion for the therapeutic potential of cannabis stems from her own battles with gastroparesis, and the healing she has obtained through hemp. She brings a unique blend of expertise and empathy to her role.

When Morgan is not in the dispensary, she indulges in her love for music, singing her heart out, exploring the great outdoors, and spending quality time with her loved ones. Her favorite products are Enjoy Chill Syrup, Gummy Girl Gruntz Vape, and Gummy Girl Calm gummies. She is currently working on completing the Trichome Institute Cannabis Consultant training in order to bring even more knowledge to our customers and friends.

Hope Ahlers

Website & Digitial Content Management

Lily MacDonald

Dispensary Associate
Trichome Institute Certified Cannabis Consultant

Lily has been an integral part of our One Love family for nearly two years. She is a familiar favorite associate at our J’town dispensary,  infusing every interaction with her positive energy and incredible cannabis knowledge. Lily is a Trichome Institute Certified Cannabis Consultant and is an amazing resource for anyone wanting some assistance with their cannabis healing journey1

In addition to her cannabis expertise, Lily boasts certifications in wildlife rehabilitation and holds a state license as a falconer.

During her leisure hours, you’ll often find Lily immersed in the great outdoors. She’s equally at home in the digital realm, gaming with enthusiasm, or unwinding with family on her patio retreat.

Lily’s cannabis preferences from our One Love lineup are the soothing Gummy Girl Calm and the Icy Relief Roll-On topical. Lily embodies the spirit of One Love, bringing a unique blend of passion and expertise to our team.

Bryce Garrett

Dispensary Associate
Trichome Institute Certified Cannabis Consultant

Bryce is deeply captivated by the potential benefits that cannabis can provide individuals, and he’s on a mission to transform the conversation and break down the lingering stigma surrounding it. His true happiness stems from assisting people and taking pride in their ongoing healing journey with One Love.

As a dedicated Dispensary Associate, Bryce extends his warm and knowledgeable support across all three Metro Louisville locations. He holds the title of a Trichome Institute Certified Cannabis Consultant, a testament to his commitment to guiding customers through their cannabis experiences with expertise and care. Bryce’s passion for cannabis and his desire to make a positive impact shine brightly in every interaction.

When not in the dispensary, Bryce immerses himself in making music, art and the great outdoors! He is a devoted family member and is always ready to lend a hand.

Bryce’s top One Love products are Myco Girl Daily Boost, Gummy Girl Blue Dreaming Syrup, and Magical gummies. Bryce’s steadfast, mindful and kindness, combined with his cannabis knowledge, make him a valuable team member in our dispensaries!

Victoria Smurr

Clarksville Dispensary Co-Manager
Trichome Institute Certified Cannabis Consultant
Trichome Institute Certified Interpener

Vicky’s enthusiasm for cannabis goes beyond passion; it’s a heartfelt belief in its potential to alleviate issues like anxiety and depression. As the Co-Manager of our Clarksville dispensary, she brings her expertise to curate a top-notch cannabis experience. Vicky is the creative force behind our One Love Instagram page. Her qualifications include being a Trichome Institute Certified Cannabis Consultant and Certified Interpener, showcasing her commitment to enhancing your cannabis journey.

When she’s not at the dispensary, Vicky dazzles as a Professional Performance Artist, known as @foxieflowzart on Instagram. She graces local events, festivals and private parties with her enchanting performances. Beyond her love for cannabis and performing, her passions include music, hiking, art, and cherished moments spent with her dog, family, and friends.

Vicky’s personal favorites among our products include Magical and Staycation gummies, the Icy Relief Roll-On, and the Gummy Girl Blue Dream vape. In every way, Vicky infuses a magical, compassionate, and fun spirit into the One Love experience!

Lynsey Hofmeister

Eccomerce and Shipping Specialist
Trichome Institute Certified Cannabis Consultant

Introducing our exceptional e-commerce specialist, Lynsey! With her certification from the Trichome Institute as a Cannabis Consultant, she’s your go-to expert for all your cannabis-related queries.

Available by phone from Monday to Friday, Lynsey is dedicated to addressing your e-commerce and mail order needs with a touch of personal care. Each order is meticulously packed with attention to detail and a sprinkle of love. You might also spot Lynsey in our dispensaries, extending a helping hand to our valued customers when we need an extra pair of expert eyes and hands.

Beyond her dedication to the world of cannabis, Lynsey’s passion for creativity knows no bounds. Whether it’s painting, writing, dancing, or crafting, she thrives in artistic pursuits. In addition to her cannabis expertise, Lynsey is well-versed in the fascinating realms of crystals, herbs, and holistic remedies.

When you connect with Lynsey, you’re not just gaining an e-commerce specialist; you’re getting a well-rounded, caring, and knowledgeable professional who’s ready to make your cannabis experience extraordinary.


Jonathan Andino

Dispensary Associate
Trichome Institute Certified Cannabis Consultant

Jonathan’s fascination with cannabis originated in his early years in Honduras and has flourished in the United States, particularly with One Love. He is a Trichome Institute certified Cannabis Consultant. His journey has allowed him to delve deeper into the subject, providing invaluable insights and information to others through his personal experiences and his, and others, anecdotal experiences.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Jonathan leads a multifaceted life filled with diverse interests. His pursuits include a passion for music, an active involvement in sports, fostering connections, a commitment to philosophical exploration, and a love for video production.

Jonathan thrives on expanding his knowledge about the world and society as a whole, always eager to learn and share his discoveries. He embarked on his journey with One Love translating materials into Spanish, and today, you can find him contributing his expertise at our Jtown and Highlands dispensaries.

McKenna Graham

Dispensary Associate
Trichome Institute Certified Cannabis Consultant
Trichome Institute Certified Interpener

McKenna, a dedicated mother and yoga instructor, is a firm believer in the remarkable healing potential of cannabis for both the body and spirit. With a background in Curatorial Studies culminating in a Masters degree, she embarked on a transformative journey across America, working on family farms from the heart of Arkansas to the picturesque landscapes of Northern California. The knowledge she gained during this time became the foundation of her mission when she returned to her roots in Kentucky.

In addition to her role as a curator and educator in art museums, McKenna also assumed responsibility for an urban micro farm, supplying fresh produce to local restaurants. Today, her path has evolved towards a commitment to healthy living and wellness, making her an invaluable asset to our dispensary in the Highlands. McKenna’s passion lies in cannabis education, and she delights in sharing her wisdom with both One Love team members and customers alike. Every day, she seeks out new avenues of knowledge, embracing the joy of lifelong learning.

Among her favorite products are the Gummy Girl Happy gummies, which never fail to bring out her infectious giggles (because who doesn’t love to laugh?), and the GG Unicorn Piss vape, appreciated for its blissful, yet invigorating effects, ensuring a serene but alert state of mind.