Vuber Atlas Kit – Black


• Dual Quartz rods wrapped in titanium coils in a quartz bowl
• No plastics or wicks
• Superior flavor profile
• Long lasting battery
• “A portable dabber”

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The ATLAS Kit is a wax & oil concentrate vaporizer designed to provide a discreet but powerful vaporizing experience. Dab your wax, shatter or crumble in our dual quartz atomizer for a generous and tasty draw. The Atlas comes with a 900 mAh battery and a dual-titanium coil heating element wrapped around a quartz core, allowing you to experience the full flavor of your concentrate. The Atlas Battery also works well with high viscosity (thicker) oil cartridges.

RECOMMENDED USE: Solid Concentrates and Medium to High Viscosity Oil Cartridges

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Weight 8 oz


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