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Cornbread Mafia 1000mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil


The Cornbread Mafia was a group of good ole' boys from central Kentucky that DOMINATED cannabis cultivation for twenty plus years. They put Kentucky on the map for growing the best...and after paying their debt to society following their group's demise in 1989...they are back to their roots, this time cultivating legal hemp. All we can say is...they were the best for a reason, and now all those years of experience, and love for the plant, are being poured into Bickett & Boone CBD. From using the finest quality hemp grown on their certified organic farm, to extracting only the bud for highest full spectrum cannabinoid content, to making their product priced to be available to everyone...the Bickett & Boone business practices exemplify the qualities that put these families at the top of the cannabis game back in the day. So, THANK YOU Johnny, Joe Keith, Jimmy, Robbie, and all the Kentucky proud men that were  and still are pioneers in what is now the fastest growing industry in the US!

Our products can be purchased at one of our 4 locations, Clarksville, Bardstown Rd, Jtown, and Bowling Green!


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