TAO CBD Vape Cartridges


TAO is an organic, full-spectrum hemp oil infused with terpenes from some of the world’s most popular strains. Their THC-free CBD oil is available in 500mg, or the industry’s only 1000mg cartridges.


TAO is fast-acting with great, long-lasting flavor. TAO’s exclusive blue glass protects TAO’s CBD oil from harmful UV rays that may damage other products on the market.

Discover your Natural Element and choose your Path to wellness with TAO.

TAO’s goal is to help you feel your best along the Path you choose. TAO products are designed with you in mind. They are high-quality, long-lasting, and easy to use.

TAO products are defined by the TAO teachings and an animal guide to assist you as you follow your chosen Path.

Every TAO product includes directions for use and protocols so they can meet your expectations. Choosing your Path to Wellness has never been easier.

They  have blended the wisdom and teachings of the TAO with modern CBD delivery technology to provide a means to improve your mood, manage pain, and boost overall well-being.

TAO’s line of full-spectrum CBD oil, is infused with some of the world’s most popular strains. Choose the Path that best suits your needs: TAO Earth, TAO Fire, TAO Metal, TAO Water and TAO Wood.

They care about our customers and are committed to providing the most natural and high-quality products.

Their all-natural, full-spectrum CBD oil is infused with the terpenes of specific plant strains – Sour Diesel, Super Lemon Haze, GSC, Granddaddy Purple and OG Kush. We use only select growers who produce some of the highest quality plants available today.

TAO’S Premium CBD Products:
• Are safe, fast-acting and non-addictive
• Are THC free
• Extracted from the highest quality organic ingredients
• Are 100% chemical free and non-psychoactive
• Are formulated for optimal effect
• Compatible with all 510 thread batteries

Additional information

Weight 3 oz

Earth – Sour Diesel, Fire – Super Lemon Haze, Metal – GSC, Water – GDP, Wood – OG Kush


1000mg, 500mg, 250mg


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