Cornbread CBD+Essential Oils Calm & Relax 75mg

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Made with their premium distilled hemp extract + a calming essential oil blend, Cornbread’s Calm & Relax Essential Oil is the perfect combination of hemp extract plus patchouli, yang yang and valerian root. It’s perfect for topical application before bed and helps you feel warm and cozy while getting adjusted under those freshly washed covers.

  • Kentucky-Grown Hemp
  • 75mg Phytocannabinoids Per Bottle (1.7oz)
  • Calming Essential Oil Blend

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To you get ready for bed, Cornbread has blended their full spectrum distilled hemp extract with a calming blend of essential oils including patchouli, yang yang and valerian root.

Cornbread Hemp essential oils contain only 100% natural ingredients that have been lab tested to ensure they are safe for topical application. They use only select American-made ingredients that ensure you receive the highest quality, most potent essential oil hemp extract available.

Scent profile: funky forest.

Key Ingredients

  • Full spectrum CBD from Kentucky-grown hemp
  • Valerian root and blue tansy
  • Patchouli and ylang ylang
  • Tangerine and orange
  • Sativa terpenes for an “entourage effect”

Additional information

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