Cornbread FS Distilled USDA Organic 750mg 30ml


Made with USDA certified organic Kentucky hemp extracted from flower only using organic sugar cane ethanol. Then they lightly distill the hemp extract to 75% purity taking only the heart of the run, which is rich in full spectrum cannabinoids, but free of any leftover plant matter. Finally they blend the organic distilled extract with certified organic medium chain virgin coconut oil, bottle it in an organic facility, and ship it strait to you. This product has been certified organic by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture.

  • USDA Certified Organic Kentucky Hemp (distilled to 75% purity)
  • USDA Certified Organic Medium Chain Virgin Coconut Oil
  • 750mg CBD Per Bottle, 25mg Per Dropper

Cornbread’s USDA certified organic distilled CBD oil is as pure as they can take the CBD extract without losing the full spectrum of cannabinoids. It contains no harsh hempy plant matter, and it absorbs quickly under the tongue.

Cornbread Hemp full spectrum CBD oils contain no added flavoring and are blended with premium USDA organic virgin MCT oil. They use only select ingredients that ensure you receive the highest quality, most potent hemp extract available.

Key Ingredients

  • USDA Organic Kentucky Hemp Extract (whole plant)
  • USDA Organic Medium Chain Virgin Coconut Oil
  • 750mg CBD per bottle, 25mg per dropper

Additional information

Weight 6 oz


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