So we keep hearing about facial masks!! When we heard that Extract Wellness had a new CBD facial mask, we were intrigued. Both Jana and I…One Love co-owners…each have five children. We haven’t had a lot of time in our lives for self care and facial masks. But as we age we have become more interested in skincare and especially CBD skincare, of course!

I had been using CBD oil on my face (just my usual oral oil, just using it as a moisturizer) with good results. However, I have been thinking it is time to step up to some of these cool CBD infused products that look like they could really be amazing. Plus, my old moisturizer and skin care was made from snail mucus (I know, I know, but had to try it!) so I am ready to try something new.

The Extract Wellness mask is a sheet mask made of tencel, which is made from cellulose, a natural plant fiber that is gentle enough for even sensitive skin. Sheet masks are a popular because they truly are superior to other applications. They allow the facial mask ingredients to sink deep into the skin, providing more concentrated results. So you actually receive more benefit from the ingredients you are paying for!

Only apply sheet masks to clean, dry skin. Cleaning your skin thoroughly before mask application will prevent impurities that are on your skin getting trapped and absorbed. It also will help the CBD and other nourishing ingredients to penetrate your skin more effectively.

It is suggested that for best results, start by using a CBD mask several nights in a row, then maintain by using once or twice a week.

My skin could use a little extra care, so my plans for the weekend include applying our new Extract Wellness CBD facial mask, taking a long soak in a tub infused with a CBD living bath bomb, while drinking a glass of Merlot! I will definitely enjoy the pampering and will keep you posted on my facial mask results next week.

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